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27 – 29, 2024

Spotlight Talk

How Can Humanoid Robots Assist Teachers in Structuring the Learning Experience?

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Pavillon

This Spotlight Talk will focus on examples of applying humanoid robots as teaching assistants to enhance the learning experience of different target groups.

The application of humanoid robots to support learning in education and work-based learning is still at its infancy. Educational humanoid robots, such as NAO and Pepper, provide multimodal interfaces which allow for interaction through speech, touch, gestures, face recognition and eye gaze. Current research in the field of robot assisted learning provides promising evidence for structuring the learning experience of students.

This talk will provide an overview and examples of how different humanoid robots are used in different educational contexts, including examples from our own Research & Development at the Communication Lab at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. We will address both the potential and limitations of using humanoid robots in education.


  • Currently available humanoid robots and how they are applied in education.
  • Examples of the practical application of humanoid robots as teaching assistants.
  • How humanoid robots can be applied as assistants to teachers in order to structure the learning experience of students.

OEB speaker Ilona Buchem

Ilona Buchem

Professor of Media and Communication, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany


OEB speaker Ildiko Mazar

Ildiko Mazar

European Digital Credentials for Learning Implementation Support, NTT Data, Spain