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22 – 24, 2023

Discovery Demo

Developing Virtual Learning Environments for Engineering Education

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Gardenlounge

This Discovery Demo couples virtual reality tools with educational content that is being developed at Aalto University in energy and geoengineering. Within the project, Aalto University aims to make use of virtual reality-based learning, develop digital and engaging learning environments, create a radical new opening to develop education and share best practices with other higher education institutions.


  • Learn new ways to use virtual reality tools, integrating educational content in an understandable and engaging way.
  • Establish best practices for creating digital learning environments in a cost-effective way.

OEB speaker Mika Järvinen

Mika Järvinen

Professor, Aalto University, Finland

OEB speaker Mateusz Janiszewski

Mateusz Janiszewski

Postdoc at Aalto University, Aalto University

OEB speaker Timo Ovaska

Timo Ovaska

Pedagogical Specialist, Aalto University

OEB speaker Hanna Paulomäki

Hanna Paulomäki

Researcher, Aalto University