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22 – 24, 2023

Boardroom Dialogue

One Hundred Successes in Education During the Pandemic

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room King

Good integration of technology into learning does not mean using the most imaginative tool, but the goal is to use technical solutions that reinforce the learning experience. The professionalism of the teacher is the knowledge of different options and the choice of the right strategies. Understanding the SAMR (Substitution – Augmentation – Modification – Redefinition) model provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their own professional progress, exploring ways to use teaching technology in a useful and productive way. While the experience is focused on music teachers, this model can be applied to any teaching subject.


  • Learn how to use the SAMR model to view the change in teaching in their own operating environment. It can be teacher-centered and also learner-centered.
  • Find out about the top ten picks from a hundred successes of our experience.
  • Receive an overview of practical examples of the creation of different levels of distance learning in music.

OEB speaker Matti Ruippo

Matti Ruippo

Senior Lecturer, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland