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27 – 29, 2024

Boardroom Dialogue

Embracing Flexible Learning through Educational Podcasts: Sharing the Marketing Matters Experience

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room King

This Boardroom Dialogue is meant to guide those interested in creating or using educational podcast episodes and/or series by providing tips and tools in doing so. The dialogue will kick off with a 15 minute presentation about the Marketing Matters podcast experience. This presentation will be followed by a 45 minute conversation among the audience.

Agenda points presentation:

  1. Origination of the educational podcast project: embracing flexible education to cope with environmental circumstances and to adapt to evolving student needs.
  2. Introducing the solution: Integrating educational podcasts into learning journey.
  3. Project approach: How to create an educational podcast.
  4. Project evaluation by means of data collection among student population.
  5. Key take-aways & learnings.
  6. Future research and improvement

After the presentation, we will invite the audience to take part in a conversation about podcasting for educational purposes. The discussion points will be adjusted to the needs, input and questions from the audience.


  • Produce podcasts tailored to educational purposes.
  • Integrate podcasts (either self-produced or not) into the learning process.
  • Evaluate the educational yield for students of integrating educational podcasts into a course.

OEB speaker Carlie Rosmalen

Carlie Rosmalen

Lecturer Marketing, Tilburg University, Netherlands

OEB speaker Jorna Leenheer

Jorna Leenheer

Associate Dean, Academic Director, and Senior-Lecturer, Tilburg University