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27 – 29, 2024

Boardroom Dialogue

How Digital Credentials Are Transforming Skills Recognition in the Humanitarian Sector

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Knight

In this Boardroom Dialogue we will discusss how the humanitarian sector has enabled a mutual system of digital credentials to recognize the learning progress of both staff and volunteers. Representatives of Save the Children and Voluntary Services Overseas will present case studies of how the system has been implemented across different trainings.

In the humanitarian sector, changes demand an already fast-moving sector to adapt even faster than before. HPass is a collaborative digital badging initiative used by over 30 organisations, enabling humanitarians worldwide to gather evidence of their skills and achievements on a dedicated badge passport.

Individual humanitarians maintain their myHPass throughout their careers, as they move between organisations and locations.

Join this Boardroom Dialogue to discuss:

  • How digital credentials can be used to promote skills development and recognition across a sector community as opposed to a specific organisation.
  • The key success factors for organisations looking to adopt digital credentials.
  • How digital credentials promote inclusion of people who may not have time or financial means to access expensive courses and assessments.
  • How to maintain quality across a sector badging initiative, whilst enabling the system to reflect diversity of skills and experience.


Introduction: What is HPass & why use digital badges to recognise humanitarian learning?

Esther Grieder, Platform Solutions Specialist at Humanitarian Leadership Academy of Save the Children (UK)

Case Study 1: Recognising knowledge: Save the Children's FIELD Manager & Humanitarian Operations learning pathways

Olivia Scaramuzza, Learning Team Lead at Humanitarian Leadership Academy of Save the Children

This section will cover how digital credentials have been used to recognise learner progression through the award-winning Field Managers in Emergencies Learning and Development (FIELD) programme and Humanitarian Operations Programme (HOP). Designed to enable humanitarian responders to learn at their own pace around busy schedules, the programmes also enable learners' progress to be incrementally recognised and rewarded.


  • Developing award-winning learning pathways relevant to a global humanitarian audience.
  • Use of digital credentials to motivate self-paced learning.
  • What we learned from user feedback.

Case Study 2: Recognising action: Badging Diversity & Inclusion Representatives at Humanitarian Leadership Academy of Save the Children

Michelle Brillouet, User Experience Specialist & Diversity & Inclusion Representative at Save the Children

Michelle will talk about a new initiative using digital credentials to recognise Diversity & Inclusion Representatives at Save the Children. Diversity & Inclusion is a key agenda at Save the Children, and the organisation seeks to recognise the individuals that are driving this forward, and ultimately improving our workplace culture and organisational effectiveness.


  • How we can recognise individuals that are making a valuable and often overlooked contribution to workplace culture.
  • How digital credentials can signify an organisation's commitment to a specific cause.
  • How digital credentials are increasingly used not only to recognise knowledge, but also experience and social action.

Case Study 3: Recognising completion of mandatory training at Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

Grace Taylor, Learning Manager for Global Programmes at Voluntary Services Overseas

Grace will talk about how VSO is using HPass to recognise completion of mandatory and compliance training. Having launched the initiative earlier this year, Grace will talk about staff and volunteer responses to the HPass badges and some top tips for ensuring engagement.


  • How digital badges can be used to generate enthusiasm for mandatory training content.
  • Creating a badges pathway with content from more than one HPass organisation.
  • Feedback and lessons learned from VSO's users.

OEB speaker Michelle Brillouet

Michelle Brillouet

User Experience Specialist / Diversity & Inclusion Representative, Humanitarian Leadership Academy at Save the Children

OEB speaker Grace Taylor

Grace Taylor

Learning Manager - Global Programmes, VSO, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Olivia Scaramuzza

Olivia Scaramuzza

Team Lead- Learning & Capability, Humanitarian Leadership Academy at Save the Children


OEB speaker Esther Grieder

Esther Grieder

HPass Lead / Platform Solutions Specialist, Humanitarian Leadership Academy (part of Save the Children), United Kingdom