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23 – 25


Presentation HIG102

42: A Digital Transformation in Education

42 is an ICT school that was created in Paris in 2013 and now has 44 campuses in 26 countries across the globe. Tuition is free for the students, there is no degree requirement to apply and 42 is well known for its revolutionary Peer-Learning pedagogical approach, with no teachers and no lectures. With its fully digital system to support the entire curriculum of its 15.000 students, 42 is an example of digital transformation in higher education.
 Learning Outcomes

  • You will discover a fully working example of a training using the social constructivist approach of learning.
  • You will see how a curriculum can be digitalized and gamified.
  • You will discover how we put emphasis on soft skills through our pedagogical model.


OEB speaker Olivier Crouzet

Olivier Crouzet

42, France