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22 – 24, 2023

Spotlight Talk

The Global EdTech Landscape & Future Models for Digital Learning

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –   

This interactive Spotlight Talk will provide an overview of global EdTech trends and investment, identify the new models and innovations that have emerged through COVID, and what we are likely to see in education and training as the world returns to a ‘new normal’.

New ways of working have accelerated major shifts to online, blended and hybrid learning, with broader acceptance of new credentials and business models at the nexus of learning and work. The session will deep dive into alternative credentials, the size and shape of the market, key players, and how governments, employers and traditional education providers are responding.

At the same time, the last few years have provided an opportunity to re-think core elements of the learning process, from social and interactive learning, to new forms of assessment and authentic learning experiences. The session will unpack how immersive technology is being used in higher education and workforce training, the role of blockchain technology in new approaches to assessment, and how artificial intelligence might well become a teacher's best friend.


  • Insight into the global EdTech trends driving change in education and training.
  • Understanding of how new credentials will impact post-secondary education.
  • Practical examples of how XR, blockchain and AI are impacting education and learning today.

OEB speaker Maria Spies

Maria Spies

Co-CEO, HolonIQ, Australia

OEB speaker Patrick Brothers

Patrick Brothers

Co-CEO, HolonIQ, United States of America


OEB speaker Ildiko Mazar

Ildiko Mazar

European Digital Credentials for Learning Implementation Support, NTT Data, Spain