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Can We, The Educators, (Re)Create a Band of Learners or an Esprit de Corps That Supersedes the Boundaries of Age, Gender, Abilities and Preferences?

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Koepenick III

Learning is a multi-faceted action, often based on trust. We know that creating a band of learners often results in more in-depth, contextual, and textured learning. However, this community feeling seems to be less evident today, as society is interwoven by many echo chambers tearing us apart as humans. Educators are experienced at building bridges, so can we reinstate trust in a more diversity-aware society?

Annasofie Lund Wædeled will zoom in to 'what affects learning communities in a digital era and how we can approach that as educators’, while Inge de Waard will highlight 'innovative learning approaches that place educators in a mentoring position creating learning communities'.

Warning! This will be an interactive talk, using the boardroom lead experiences as a starting block to create an ad hoc community of practitioners, where we share our own experiences and views. Let's get together, and share some real-world experiences in our quest to bring learners and educators together to ignite a community spirit that benefits all learners.

OEB speaker Annasofie Lund Wædeled

Annasofie Lund Wædeled

Administrative Officer, The Royal Danish Defence College, Denmark

OEB speaker Inge de Waard

Inge de Waard

Learning Innovation coordinator, EIT InnoEnergy, Belgium


What Affects Learning Communities in a Digital Era and How To Approach That As Educators, Annasofie Lund Wædeled

Innovative Learning Approaches That Place Educators in a Mentoring Position, Creating Learning Communities, Inge de Waard