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22 – 24, 2023

Pre-Conference Workshop A3

Creating your Future Through Images: Education 4.0 in your Paint and Fibre Pen Box!

Date Wednesday, Nov 23  Time   –    Room Koepenick I/II/III   Price: 90.00 €   Status: places available

Workshop leader

OEB speaker Rod Angood

Rod Angood

Managing and Visual Director, Education Alchemists Ltd, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Gilly Salmon

Gilly Salmon

Professor & Principal Consultant , Education Alchemists Ltd, United Kingdom

Through the presentation and examination of ‘Rich Pictures’ depicting possible work-based or future circumstances, this workshop will highlight visual imaging techniques, icons, and graphical tools that everyone can master.

No artistic talent is required– the images presented will all belong to a “Work in Progress” repository that the presenter has built from his work with clients from the Higher and Tertiary education sectors. Attendees will be given the opportunity to practice visualisation techniques based on scenarios – or bring your own plans!

Attendees will take away from the workshop an understanding of, and capability to use, images to represent work situations.


  • A repertoire of techniques, icons and useful images for your use in the future.
  • Examples of visual representations of complex organisational issues.
  • An understanding of, and capability to use, images to represent work situations leading to actions.


  • Engaging your audience in collaborative visioning
  • Translating words into images and building visions
  • Promoting co-operation and collaboration through images


Planners, Academic and Staff Development, Learning Technologists, Teachers and Lecturers, Strategists and Future Thinkers.

Level: all are welcome but most useful for those who have never used imagery to replace words, those who have just begun their Education 4.0 visioning journey.