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22 – 24, 2023

Join The Innovative Learning Arena: Let's Battle It Out!

Date Wednesday, Nov 23  Time   –    Room Pavillon

Following a global 'black swan' event, we all looked for the best possible new learning approaches in a mostly online learning world. Now it’s time to shape the future by making the most valuable choices and thinking about the long run.

This is an embodied learning session in which each willing participant is invited to speak out and defend their preferred learning method. You are permitted to lurk, but taking action is always heroic….

Are you willing to stand up and spontaneously share your ideas in this highly spirited Plenary? Or do you prefer to sit back, relax, reflect and show your support for speakers by asking questions or applauding their “pitch”?

Although the subject is serious, this session will be very animated. Each argumentation (3 minutes) will contribute to what will no doubt be a lively exchange, under the expert guidance of its host. The idea is to win over the audience for your case and our host is unlikely to be too strict about the methods you use!

However, in the end, your fellow participants will hold the power; they will be able to vote for each learning approach. The winning method of this "learning battle" will be awarded "the best learning approach" and of course, the person defending it will get a trophy too.

This Plenary may challenge you on multiple levels. Do you dare to speak in a group? Are you willing to listen intently to arguments? Are you able critically to analyse learning approaches for their merits?

The session will set the scene for the OEB days to come, in which we hope to enter into dialogue and learn from each other. And it will be fun too, listening to learning approaches and sharing our best (or worst) experiences of the last years.

Come along alone, bring your most argumentative colleague, invite a friend… and join this merry bunch of (online, hybrid, classroom) learning experts.

OEB speaker Inge de Waard

Inge de Waard

Sr. Learning Strategist & Connector, EIT INNOENERGY and Secret Shakers, Belgium