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22 – 24, 2023

Pre-Conference Workshop FD1

Speexx Exchange – The Event for Curious HR and L&D Minds

Date Wednesday, Nov 23  Time   –    Room Bellevue   Price: free of charge   Status: places available

Workshop leader

OEB speaker Laura Overton

Laura Overton

CEO, International Speaker, Analyst, Facilitator, Emerging Stronger, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Jeremy Blain

Jeremy Blain

Founder and CEO, Performance Works International, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Ugo Caruso

Ugo Caruso

Digital Learning Specialist, United Nations System Staff College, Italy

OEB speaker Stella Collins

Stella Collins

Chief Learning Officer, Stellar Labs, Belgium

OEB speaker Armin Hopp

Armin Hopp

President and Co-Founder, Speexx, Germany

OEB speaker Dinye Hernanda

Dinye Hernanda

Senior Learning and Development Manager, HEYJOBS, Germany

OEB speaker Stefaan van Hooydonk

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Founder, Global Curiosity Institute, Belgium

OEB speaker Patrick Veenhoff

Patrick Veenhoff

Senior Data Education Architect, Swiss Re

OEB speaker Jo Cook

Jo Cook

Live online learning specialist, Lightbulb Moment, United Kingdom

Speexx Exchange is the event for curious HR and L&D minds who want to make a difference.

Chaired by industry thought leader Laura Overton, this event brings together professionals from over 20 countries:

  • Reality Check

    We bring together HR and L&D leaders from across the globe for a day of inspiration, hands-on workshops and plenty of networking amongst peers in Germany’s capital.

  • Facts & Data

    Hear the latest results from Europe’s leading independent benchmark research and return to work with brand-new data insights to underpin your team’s success.

  • Community of Knowledge

    Speexx Exchange is an international community of global thought leaders, friends, and customers. We define what drives success in corporate learning, HR and business.

  • Digital Transformation

    In-depth best practices to understand how you can successfully transform your learning and HR organization to deliver real business value.

Join us and be inspired by leading keynote speakers and a variety of best practice examples!


  • 8.30 am CET - 9.15 am CET | Breakfast & Registration

  • 9.15 am CET - 9.30 am CET | Welcome to Speexx Exchange
    Introduction by Laura Overton, Jo Cook and Speexx

    Welcome and introductions. Join us as Laura sets the scene for the day and outlines why mindset and curiosity are key when it comes to embracing rapid change

    Laura Overton | Conference Chair
    Jo Cook | International Speaker & Director and Digital Facilitator | Lightbulb Moment Armin Hopp & Speexx

  • 9.30 am CET – 10.15 CET | Embrace the Shift in Business
    Empowering People – Unleashing Leaders at All Levels

    Expectations surrounding management and leadership have changed. Experience the #1 Amazon Best-Selling author on how to empower ourselves and others to lead.

    Jeremy Blain | Keynote Speaker | Performance Works International

  • 10.15 am CET – 10.45 CET | Coffee Break

  • 10.45 am CET - 11.45 am CET | Embrace the Shift in Business
    Adapting and Developing Learning Strategies at Scale:
    Insights from the United Nations and Swiss Re

    Together we will explore what skills our organizations need today and how we build them. How do large global organizations adapt to changes in employees’ learning expectations and habits? And what are their approaches to mental health, skills, and data? Join us to gain insights from the latest learning strategies and tactics at the United Nations and Swiss Re.

    Ugo Caruso | Digital Learning Specialist | United Nations System Staff College
    Patrick Veenhoff | Human Capital Consultant | Swiss Re

    Interactive session: Our big question for this session: How can we build organisations that people want to work in?

  • 11.45 am CET – 12.00 CET | Coffee Break

  • 12.00 pm CET - 1.00 pm CET | Embrace the Shift in Talent and Tech
    The Speexx Exchange Fireside Chat

    In an environment where talent comes at a premium, on-the-job development is emerging as a key personal and organizational growth strategy Join us to explore how technology, AI and data are impacting how we source, retain, and develop talent. The panel will explore how important it is to retain a human touch in a metrics and tech-driven world and provide insights into their own experiences working at the cutting edge of learning technology.

    Our big question for this session: How can we harness technology to build skill and confidence at scale? Get involved: Includes Q&A, both online and offline

    Laura Overton | Conference Chair | Moderator
    Armin Hopp | Founder | Speexx
    Stella Collins | Co-Founder and Chief Learning Office | Stellar Labs

  • 1.00 pm CET - 2.15 pm CET | Lunch Break

  • 2.15 pm CET - 4.00 pm CET | Embrace the Shift in Me!
    Workshop Session

    How can we (re-)kindle our personal curiosity and experiment more?
    One interactive session. Two key contributors.
    Includes breakout rooms and interactive workshops

    The Power of Curiosity
    Curious organizations are winning organizations. They are intentional about how they balance exploration and exploitation. Curious organizations are more successful than incurious ones, especially in times of change. In this interactive session “The Curiosity Manifesto” author Stefaan will contribute his experience and ideas to explore what we know about curiosity, why it is important in our professional life and our organizations and reveal a few tips and tricks at how to improve.

    Stefaan van Hooydonk | Founder | Global Curiosity Institute 

    Unleashing Innovation and Curiosity Through a Diverse Learning Culture
    Diverse organizations grow quicker and outperform homogeneous organizations by every metric that matters in business. But what does it take to build a truly inclusive learning culture and embed DEIB principles into a company’s very DNA? Join 30 under 30 Learning nominee Dinye, as she talks us through her work in diverse hypergrowth startups.

    Dinye Hernanda | Senior Learning and Development Manager | HeyJobs

  • 4.00 pm CET | Cocktail Hour