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22 – 24, 2023

Learning Café

Using the Latest eLearning Developments to Foster More Personalised and Effective Learning Experiences

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg I

As we all adjust to the realities of life and work after a global pandemic, learning professionals are looking for ways to achieve better engagement in hybrid learning activities, support active learning in the virtual classroom, and build strong online learning communities. Face-to-face education can no longer be the norm; every learner needs to thrive in the virtual learning environment, and education technologies hold the key to making that happen.

In this Learning Café, we will discuss the latest edtech trends that enhance the learning experience and ensure it can happen continuously. We will provide a snapshot of the past, present and future of e-learning, discuss strategies to support effective skills development for learners, and talk about the role of learning platforms (LMS, LXP and ILP) in promoting individual learning journeys.


  • How the evolution of e-learning has transformed the process of building learning experiences.
  • What e-learning technologies support effective skills development for learners-
  • How to promote personalised learning using the latest ILP features.

OEB speaker Valeria Fomina

Valeria Fomina

Educational Technology Specialist, CYPHER LEARNING , Spain