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22 – 24, 2023

Exhibition Seminar

“Mumbo Jumbo” Proctoring? Online Proctored exams from the Perspective of Technology, Management & Law

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Tegel

During the worldwide pandemic, Higher Education institutions welcomed the new norm of remote learning and began to rely on ed tech platforms to provide students with high-quality educational experiences. Once back to campus, educators decided to retain the benefits of online learning and started to introduce a more hybrid way of teaching as “the new normal”.  

The new normal now includes remote proctoring, offering students and professors the opportunity to take and review exams at their own convenience. However, for remote proctoring to gain a large acceptance, the technology needs to be GDPR compliant and ensure both privacy and integrity. In this session we will explore how Institutions are benefiting from remote proctoring using Proctorio.


  • How Higher Education Institution evolved using remote proctoring.
  • The future of remote proctoring and the role of ensuring privacy and integrity for exam taking.
  • Use cases of post-pandemic remote proctoring.

OEB speaker Tim Brüggemann

Tim Brüggemann

Prorector Online University, Distance Learning and Advanced Education, University of Applied Sciences FHM, Germany

OEB speaker Thomas Fetsch

Thomas Fetsch

Managing Director, Proctorio GmbH, Germany