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23 – 25


Exhibition Seminar

Transforming Pedagogy for the New Era of Education: How CETLs Drive Digital Transformation Post-COVID

Date Thursday, Dec 2  Time   –    Room Tegel

COVID-19 ignited the progress of digital transformation in higher education. This means that institutions must be ready to reliably support effective learning by upgrading their online learning infrastructures. This is where technology proves powerful, by providing educators with the right tools to optimise and deepen the learning experience.

Furthermore, pedagogical technology needs to be personalised and flexible to accommodate multiple teaching methods across varied classroom settings - in-person, online, and hybrid, asynchronous and synchronous. How can we leverage the power of technology to empower flexible, innovative pedagogy? Join our session to dive into four stories of successful digitisation achieved by four Centers of Teaching and Learning with the help of FeedbackFruits. 

OEB speaker Ian Haugh

Ian Haugh

CRO, Feedbackfruits

OEB speaker Sean Ebejer-Redmen

Sean Ebejer-Redmen

International Business Development, Feedbackfruits