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23 – 25


Exhibition Seminar

Gamification as a New Immersive Learning Experience

Date Friday, Dec 3  Time   –    Room Tegel

This presentation will focus on Gamification as new immersive learning experience in the enterprise field. We will look at the gaming market in Germany 2021 and the meaning for enterprise gamification. Furthermore, we will discuss the hero’s journey and 7 core elements of enterprise gamification. Finally, we will take a look at a conceptual gamification example with a 3D landscape to glance at the future of digital learning.

Learning outcomes of this presentation will include insight into:
- How Gamification can influence the hero’s journey of users
- The status quo of the gaming market in Germany 2021 and what this means for Enterprise Gamification
- The core elements of Enterprise Gamification

OEB speaker Alexander Schunk

Alexander Schunk

Senior Account Manager, CREATE-mediendesign GmbH