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23 – 25



Pens Down Please! Implementing and Carrying Out E-Enabled Assessments

The switch to digital assessment is here, as a part of building resilience into exams systems and to create more robust forms of assessment. We'll discuss different digital examination strategies and the impact of the implementation of digital exams on institutions, staff and students.


OEB speaker JaapJan Vroom

JaapJan Vroom

Senior advisor Innovation and leader nationwide acceleration program data-enhanced education., Deltion College, Zwolle, Netherlands, Netherlands


OEB speaker Martin Franzen

Martin Franzen

Digital Learning Manager, Hochschule Aalen

OEB speaker Liisa Kallio

Liisa Kallio

Coordinator, University of Jyväskylä., Finland

Powering the New Era of Digital Exams - How to Maintain Academic Excellence and Student Integrity, Remote and Oncampus, Martin Franzen

Digital Exams: from Supervised Rooms to Students' Computers, Liisa Kallio

"E-Examinations@Home" - Transforming Digital Examinations for Remote Settings, Alexander Schulz