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23 – 25


Panels and Debates

Opportunities and Challenges of the UNESCO OER Recommendation in Francophone Africa: Focus on Capacity Building and Supportive Policies

Further details on the content of this exciting panel discussion will be provided shortly.


OEB speaker Jacques Dang

Jacques Dang

Secretary of the Board L'Université Numérique, Technology Director at HEC, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, AUNEGe / L'université Numérique , France


OEB speaker Zeynep Varoglu

Zeynep Varoglu

Programme Specialist, UNESCO, France

OEB speaker Anaïs Malbrand

Anaïs Malbrand

Senior Adviser, ICDE, Norway

OEB speaker Carole Schorlé-Stefan

Carole Schorlé-Stefan

Projet Manager, L'Université Numérique

OEB speaker Ollivier Haemmerlé

Ollivier Haemmerlé

Président, L'Université Numérique

OEB speaker Christophe Fournier

Christophe Fournier

Président, AUNEGE , France