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Berlin, November 23 — 25, 2022


Panels and Debates

Opportunities and Challenges of the UNESCO OER Recommendation in Francophone Africa: Focus on Capacity Building and Supportive Policies

Date Thursday, Dec 2  Time   –    Room Check

Further details on the content of this exciting panel discussion will be provided shortly.


OEB speaker Jacques DANG

Jacques DANG

Secretary of the Board, AUNEGe / L'université Numérique , France


OEB speaker Zeynep Varoglu

Zeynep Varoglu

Programme Specialist, UNESCO, France

OEB speaker Anaïs Malbrand

Anaïs Malbrand

Senior Adviser, ICDE, Norway

OEB speaker Carole Schorlé-Stefan

Carole Schorlé-Stefan

Projet Manager, L'Université Numérique

OEB speaker Ollivier Haemmerlé

Ollivier Haemmerlé

Président, L'Université Numérique

OEB speaker Christophe Fournier

Christophe Fournier

Président, AUNEGE , France