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22 – 24, 2023

Exhibition Seminar

The Twilight Zone of Online Proctoring – Where Are Things Heading?

Date Thursday, Dec 2  Time   –   

Since 2000, online course enrollments at higher education institutions have increased by approximately 4,000%. Many practices have been adapted to support this trend, like online proctoring, which was introduced around 10 years ago to bring more flexibility to the assessment process while still maintaining academic integrity. By 2018, millions of students had used online proctoring to take an exam.

With the pandemic, usage of online proctoring skyrocketed, as many educational institutions were forced to switch to completely digital learning and teaching practices in order to maintain operations through lockdowns. Now, the online proctoring market is expected to reach 10 billion dollars in the next five years. So where are things heading?

In our session, we will explore the future of online proctoring by providing context to the ongoing discussion and highlighting the Erasmus+ PROWIDE project, taking a closer look at the role of the ‘Online Proctoring Manager’. We will finish off our session by taking a look at additional use cases for online proctoring in both education and corporate areas.


You will gain insights into:

- The development of online proctoring

- The role of the ‘Online Proctoring Manager’

- Use cases for online proctoring (corporate and education applications)

OEB speaker Thomas Fetsch

Thomas Fetsch

Managing Director, Proctorio GmbH, Germany