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Online Proctoring in Reality - Insights and Hands-on Experience

Can you outsmart an automated proctoring system? You're invited to try in this interactive session all about online proctoring.

Based on his experience managing the conception, piloting, implementation and evaluation of online proctored exams at the Technical University of Munich, Dr. Matthias Baume will share practical tips and best practices. After this, we'll enter into a hands-on "cheating competition", in which you will be able to experience online proctoring from the perspective of a test-taker. We will wrap up with a live analysis of the gradebook, where the winning person will be named the top test-taker and (of course) receive a prize.

Interested in participating? Make sure to bring a laptop (or a Microsoft tablet) with a Proctorio supported browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Brave) and install the Proctorio extension.

Learning Outcomes include:

- New insights based on the experiences and best practices for holding remote exams from the TUM

- An in-depth exploration and a first-hand test-taker experience of live online proctoring

- Knowledge and tips regarding grading processes and online proctoring settings on Proctorio's platform


OEB speaker Matthias Baume

Matthias Baume

Project manager in the Distance Examinations project, EdTech team, "ProLehre | Medien und Didaktik" department, TU München

OEB speaker Thomas Fetsch

Thomas Fetsch

Managing Director , Proctorio, Germany