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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition
on technology-supported learning and training

Berlin, November 23 — 25, 2022



Proof of Resilience of Teachers and Students

Date Friday, Dec 3  Time   –    Room Bishop

We'll uncover drivers of resilience and flexibility of learners & teachers, as well as the creative use of technologies for learning and teaching by sharing different classroom cases.


OEB speaker Mohammed Sadiq

Mohammed Sadiq

Ast Teaching Professor, University of Bolton


OEB speaker Claudia Roeschmann

Claudia Roeschmann

Associate Director for Design Innovation, Texas State University, United States of America

OEB speaker Lyonel Kaufmann

Lyonel Kaufmann

Professor, HEP Vaud, Switzerland

Deconfinement and Distance Learning - Rising to Meet New Challenges, Lyonel Kaufmann

Reconceptualising Cross-displinary Teaching and Responding to Uncertainty (While Celebrating Trial & Error), Claudia Roeschmann