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23 – 25



Zooming in on Effectiveness

This session will inspire you with a final call to action to shake up (and see what is shaking up) what might be the status quo in many schools and institutions. Speakers will provide a space for new thoughts and share practical tips as well as clear visions for the transformation of education - and our uses of learning technologies too.


OEB speaker Mary Ellen Wiltrout

Mary Ellen Wiltrout

Lecturer in Digital Learning/Director of Online and Blended Learning Initiatives, Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America


OEB speaker Erik Jentges

Erik Jentges

Educational Developer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

OEB speaker Rupert Ward

Rupert Ward

Professor of Learning Innovation, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Learning Fitness: Getting Learning Fit, Rupert Ward

How Will New Online MBA Courses Disrupt Business Schools?, Erik Jentges