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23 – 25



The OEB Plenary Debate

This House believes Education has failed to learn the lesson of Covid-19

Across the world, the pandemic has been extremely disruptive for education at every level. Workplaces, schools, colleges and universities have all faced immense challenges.  Educators, learning professionals and students have had to adapt rapidly to a new reality. Many feel badly let down by a system which, they say, has failed them. Others say the disruption Covid has brought is exactly what global education needed. But has education learned the lesson? Is the change Covid has brought systemic? And is it sustainable? Can education face the future with confidence? Or is it just as likely to fall victim to the next big shock?


OEB speaker Harold Elletson

Harold Elletson

International Communications Consultant , The eLearning Africa Report, Institute for Statecraft, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Donald Clark

Donald Clark

eLearning Expert and Strategist, eLearning Expert and Strategist at Plan B Learning, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Mark West

Mark West

Education Specialist, UNESCO

OEB speaker Hillary Gyebi-Ababio

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio

Vice President for Higher Education, National Union of Students

OEB speaker Jürgen Handke

Jürgen Handke

Linguist, Educator, Awardwinning Digital Learning and Teaching Pioneer, Germany