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23 – 25



Fast Forward: Success Factors for Innovation

Digital transformation, collaboration and new possibilities offered by technological solutions can be drivers of educational innovation. Both research and best practices will be discussed in this session.


OEB speaker Miguel Rodriguez-Artacho

Miguel Rodriguez-Artacho

Associate Professor, Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia


OEB speaker Merja Laamanen

Merja Laamanen

Digital Transformation Lead, UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland

OEB speaker Ulrike Wild

Ulrike Wild

Programme Director Educational Innovation, Wageningen University&Research

OEB speaker Afif Rustom

Afif Rustom

International Business Development, VitalSource, United Arab Emirates

Accelerating Educational Innovation with ICT, The Dutch National Plan, Ulrike Wild

Institutional Digital Transformation through Adaptive and Personalised Learning, Afif Rustom

Developing Teaching Professionals’ Digital Competences in European HE, in Times of Corona, Merja Laamanen