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23 – 25



Learning, Teaching, Investing in Resilience

Do you feel as if you are coming up for air after 19 of the most challenging months in education history? Universities, colleges, schools, teachers and students have been forced to adapt rapidly to profound change. We have all had a crash course in resilience. What has our experience taught us about human behaviour and technologies for learning? We understand the importance of resilience but can we build it into our planning for the future? Is it enough just to change our approach to the use of technology or do we need to change the nature of education itself? 

Our experts will examine the changes we need to make to education and offer unique insights into new modes of flexible teaching, EdTech, digital equity and essential human skills. They will suggest that we should take a pause from pouring resources into “systems”, to ensure that the small thing we might do differently tomorrow will make a positive difference in our place of work, and a fundamental difference to the successes of our students.



OEB speaker Borhene Chakroun

Borhene Chakroun

Director for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems, UNESCO

OEB speaker Perttu Pölönen

Perttu Pölönen

Futurist, Inventor and Author, ., Finland