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23 – 25


Boardroom Dialogues

How to Ensure a Successful Delivery and Implementation of Learning Projects when Practicing Digital Transformation

Based on the lessons learnt from 15 years’ of digital transformation projects, this session sets out to identify best practices and success factors for the implementation and adoption of learning projects.

All too often, against a backdrop of high-speed technological innovations, successful adoption will spring primarily from consistent work in the concentric domains of implementation and change management.

The role of for instance vision setting, business case evaluation and investment in change initiatives are often overlooked, yet they are at-hand enablers and key success factors when practicing digital transformation. In this session we will focus not only on their role, but also on how to apply and incorporate these into your daily practice.  

Learning outcomes from attending this session will include:

- An understanding of the distinction between a "project management logic" and an "implementation management" approach - and the value of the latter in relation to handling innovation and change.

- Examples of overlooked/additional project activities that will help make your digital transformation projects more successful

- A better understanding of the persistent value of vision, business cases and change work from organisations and their management, regardless the changing technological products or paradigm shifts

- Insights into best practices based on presented case-studies


OEB speaker Philippe Seynaeve

Philippe Seynaeve

Implementation and Change Manager, CIBG/CIRB (Brussels Regional Informatics Centre), Belgium