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Take the Power of Stories and Gaming into Your Classroom

Learning takes effort. Therefore, it is vital to engage students to such an extend that they are committed to do make an effort.

The use of online education has increased, but so have the drop-out rates. It seems as if learners are interested to start, but not engaged enough to complete courses.

If we look at the past pandemic, we see that the interest in gaming and film providers have been increased. This shows the engaging power of gaming and story telling. Why not combine the two in your classroom as well and help learners in their effort to commit?

We developed a compelling history-oriented story line in an escape game on data science and found that learners had more fun, learned faster and performed equally well on similar exam questions as we had in our escape room.

We invite you to apply the same techniques to your course and make education more attractive for learners as well as for yourself.

Outcomes: In this interactive session, you will learn the power of story lines and gaming and how to apply this to your own course. We'll demonstrate in our escape game example how the use of story lines and a game-based method/environment can support your learners too in achieving learning outcomes.


OEB speaker Martijn Klabbers

Martijn Klabbers


OEB speaker John Heijligers

John Heijligers

Web lecture director, Eindhoven University of Technology , Netherlands