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27 – 29, 2024

Boardroom Dialogues

The Impact of Data Supported Education and Data Coalitions on VET Schools and Higher Education

Date Friday, Dec 3  Time   –    Room Queen

In this session, based on the experience of building national, cross-institutional, collaborative "data-coalitions" we will discuss ways to gain and share knowledge between different post-secondary education institutions on a complicated subject: data.
It is clear that we can all learn from each other and add value to our uses of data in the educational process. We look forward to discussing the role of data coalitions with you and what they can mean for the quality of education in your organisation. Amongst others, we will discuss strategies to organise this type of collaboration, as well as the content and working methods of coalitions.
You will learn:
-How data coalitions can contribute to a "data maturity" of organisations
-How to set up data coalitions
-How to work together within data coalitions to achieve goals across participating organisations

OEB speaker JaapJan Vroom

JaapJan Vroom

Policy advisor at MBO Digitaal and Captain of innovation at Npuls, MBO Digitaal and Npuls, Netherlands