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23 – 25


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Outdoor Meets Learning: How to Use Paper Planes to Teach Digital Literacy

Ready for inspiration, creativity and exploring new routes towards student engagement?

If we can make intangible learning experiences “physical”, we can make learning experiences more playful and more effective. Based on a case study on digital literacy skills that’s done just that, we'll unpack the experimental and experience-based learning method “learning parcours” together.

This concept and the approach can be applied to different topics. You will get to practise an exemplary learning parcours on digital sustainability, which will put you into your students’ shoes. And you’ll have a chance to reflect on your experience and hear practical tips and ideas that anyone will be able to use in their classroom context.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Experience a learning parcours hands-on
2. Gain inspiration to adapt new approaches in your lessons
3. Learn new methods of physical and experience-based learning
4. Understand from their perspective what digital literacy means for young people today.


OEB speaker Sascha Bardua

Sascha Bardua

Founding Partner, Mosaic Lernparkour, Germany