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23 – 25


Pre-Conference Workshops

Field Trip 2.0: Using the Space around You in Online Times

Date Wednesday, Dec 1  Time   –    Room Köpenick I&II

OEB speaker Emma Wiersma

Emma Wiersma

Learning Experience Designer, Centre for Innovation - Leiden University

OEB speaker Daniek Bosch

Daniek Bosch

Learning Experience Designer, Centre for Innovation - Leiden Univeristy

In this workshop you will take part in a collective fieldtrip, in the form of a podcast that allows you to wander, wonder and wind up in unexpected places.

You will either go outside and take a walk, or take yourself into your very own mind-palace right from where you’re sitting!

The aim of this workshop is to show that no matter where you are, you can still have a collective learning experience without sitting behind a (computer) screen the entire time. Change your views on online teaching and learning and get rid of your Zoom fatigue as we help you rediscover tools to learn while creating and retaining mental space.


(20 min) Introduction
(25 min) Fieldtrip
(45 min) Return + Break
(10 min) General evaluation
(30 min) Reflection in groups
(10 min) Wrap up


During this hands on workshop we will:
-    Provide you with new ideas for teaching and learning online.
-    Help you rediscover tools to learn online while creating and retaining your mental space.
-    Stimulate you to think creatively around integrating the offline world into online learning.

As a bonus we will also look at whether or not building a memory palace in the outside world is as effective as inside your mind.


Professionals who create learning experiences and/or train teachers; Teachers; anyone interested in podcasts, online learning or mindfulness.

Please note: All participants should bring a device to listen to the podcast, as well as their head-/earphones.

As seats are limited, Pre-Conference Workshops require prior registration.