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How to Best Structure a Course Based on Learning Videos

Looking back on the Pandemic we, as educators, have been forced to change our views on our profession, and our students have been forced to learn in new ways.

We have helped students get through tough times, without losing their interest, motivation or compromising their ability to gain knowledge.

This presentation shares our approach and what makes it extraordinary resilient from a learning perspective. You'll hear about our lessons learnt and techniques that we all can use, in "the new normal" of teaching.


From this presentation you will get: 

- A new view on how learning videos can be used to strengthen students interdisciplinary understanding

- An understanding of how to best structure a course based on learning videos

- Knowledge on how online and blended learning can be both motivating and fun


OEB speaker Daniel Præstbro Nielsen

Daniel Præstbro Nielsen

Associate Professor, Zealand - The Service Show, Denmark

OEB speaker Michael Mortensen

Michael Mortensen

Associate Professor, Zealand - Academy of Technology and Business / The Service Show, Denmark