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Learning Cafés

How to Optimise Your Learning Technologies in a Post-pandemic World

As digital learning became the only game in town post-COVID-19, the learning technologies landscape shifted dramatically. Suddenly barriers to technology were blown away, implementation and digital adoption happened almost overnight.

But as we look to the future, many questions remain. Will the classroom return to the corporate world, and how do hybrid working and the inclusion agenda influence this strategy? What will the digital learning ecosystem look like going forwards? And how will you create learning experiences that make a real difference to behaviour and performance?

This interactive Learning Café revolves around the practicalities of optimising your learning technologies in a post-pandemic world.


In this session, you will discover: 

- The tools and technologies being used by leading learning teams across Europe

- How to filter the features and functions that you need

- The latest learning platforms and content strategies 

- The key components in successful learning technology ecosystems


OEB speaker Sven Elbert

Sven Elbert

Senior Analyst, Fosway, Germany

OEB speaker Fiona Leteney

Fiona Leteney

Senior Analyst, Fosway Group