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23 – 25


Panels and Debates

Learning Hubs for the Millions: Exploring Policy, Technology and Strategy

From technology platform roadmaps (where do you start when starting from scratch?) to prototyping, to getting the buy-in needed from a range of organisations to make large-scale projects survive and financially sustainable: we can all benefit from the lessons learnt of these initiatives for the whole of a society.

Amongst others, panellists will explore milestones in getting millions of learners on board.


OEB speaker Rolf Reinhardt

Rolf Reinhardt

Senior Account Director, Member of the ICoBC Executive Committee, LinkedIn, International Council on Badges and Credentials [ICoBC], Germany


OEB speaker Klemens Riegler-Picker

Klemens Riegler-Picker

Managing Director, Bildungsplattform der WKÖ GmbH

OEB speaker Richard Hewitt

Richard Hewitt

Director, UK Higher Education, Emsi Burning Glass

OEB speaker Jan Renz

Jan Renz

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

OEB speaker Paul Hearn

Paul Hearn

Senior Expert - Knowledge Management and Learning, European Commission - Joint Research Centre