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Berlin, November 23 — 25, 2022


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Make the Right Choice! Deciding Between Asynchronous Online Learning, Synchronous Online Learning and Face-to-Face Learning

Date Thursday, Dec 2  Time   –    Room Köpenick I&II

In this session we will explore possibilities and limitations of asynchronous online learning, synchronous online learning and face-to-face learning from a teacher’s perspective. Taking a pedagogical-didactical perspective, we will look at key issues and questions that you will need to consider whether you face making a choice - or a blend.


- Be able to choose when to apply asynchronous online learning, synchronous online learning or face-to-face learning.

- Become better equipped to design for blended and online learning.


OEB speaker Wilfred Rubens

Wilfred Rubens

Consultant, Edublogger and Editor at, Open University in the Netherlands/, Netherlands