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23 – 25


Panels and Debates

“Grasping” Learning Ecosystems

As the world has undergone tremendous change throughout the last two years it became evident that traditional concepts of organising learning and development have reached their limits. An emerging concept for organising learning and development are “Learning Ecosystems”.

This panel session introduces a conceptual model as a frame of reference for understanding what is meant by “learning ecosystems”, what learning ecosystems are not, and which dimensions need to be considered in the implementation process. Following this introduction, the session shared best practices from different L&D practitioners.


OEB speaker Anja Schmitz

Anja Schmitz

Professor for Human Resource Management , Pforzheim University, Germany


OEB speaker Thomas Jenewein

Thomas Jenewein

Digital Ambassador, SAP , Germany

OEB speaker Lutz Marten

Lutz Marten

Squad Leader Europe & MEA IBM Learning & Leadership Development, IBM Deutschland GmbH

OEB speaker Nerea Sánchez Urien

Nerea Sánchez Urien

Researcher and Lecturer, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Spain