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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Higher Education Digital Transformation: National and International Education from the Living Room

With the global pandemic Higher Education Institutions have been called to move to online teaching and learning provisions rather rapidly. Some have done it in an organised way, some in a chaotic way. Some institutions had previous experience and some none. The students expectations remained the same but suddenly the learning experience became more personalised. Is Higher Education ready to transform in such short notice? What happens to the building investments? Are they still valid or should Institutions start maximising their digital transformation. How has Industry 4.0 affected HE and are we ready to see the pandemic as an opportunity to fully invest our money and efforts into transforming globally. But still this raises lints of questions if the students are adequately educated in digital literacies? How about the cyber threats? Will they grow? Or are we ready to manage it? Staff workloads? Inclusion? Equal Opportunities?


OEB speaker Ismini Vasileiou

Ismini Vasileiou

De Montfort University, UK