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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Feels FM: The World’s First Emoji-powered Digital Jukebox for Mental Health

The Scottish Government Mental Health Directorate commissioned See Me to host conversations with children and young people about what mental health and wellbeing means to them. The objectives were to:• empower young people, by giving them a forum to have their voice heard where they can speak about their mental health and take action• ensure young people’s voices are included in the decisions that affect them• Help to normalise conversation about mental health and wellbeing and reduce the stigma• encourage as wide a discussion as possible on the key issues and gain a better understanding of what is important to young people• raise awareness of what mental health means to young peopleSee Me worked with young people to develop and coproduce Feels FM to provide a forum where children and young people could speak about their mental health and what is important to them.


OEB speaker Laura Jane Sharpe

Laura Jane Sharpe

See Me Scotland, UK