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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Atingi - Linking Partners and Tech to Serve Learners Across the Globe

Learning is central to societal and personal development. With the atingi learning platform, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) wants to provide new learning opportunities to citizens across the globe, with a current focus on Africa. We are building a learning platform built on partnerships at local and global level. The platform offers self-paced learning, but also is a place where face-to-face learning can be augmented through course modules offered digitally. By following the digital principles for development, and especially using open licencing for OER, we hope to encourage sharing and adaptation of learning resources from one context to another, and to bring to scale effective learning opportunities.


OEB speaker Dominic Orr

Dominic Orr

GIZ, Germany