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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Reimagine Education for the Post Pandemic Era

The successful shift to online education, like the shift to work from home suggests that after the pandemic going back to our pre-pandemic practice and ignoring the current lessons is crazy. We have a unique opportunity to challenge and change our education models and build on what we knew had to be done but did not have the incentives to do. The session outlines 10 needed changes to the current educational paradigm. These are based on lessons from thousands of submissions to the Reimagine Education global competition and annual conference. Some of the opportunities include shifts to lifelong education, to learner-centric experiential and personalized learning, to blended learning, and to a world in which each learner has access to AI tools on their smartphones. The need to augment the current focus on STEM with values and employable skills and the need to shift to business and revenue models that solve the accessibility challenge. My hope is that the session will stimulate the design and implementation of innovative experiments that capture the opportunities created by the crisis.


OEB speaker Jerry (Yoram) Wind

Jerry (Yoram) Wind