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School Transformation Processes under the Conditions of the Anthropocene

Date Wednesday, Dec 2  Time   –   

New educational concepts in the Anthropocene aim to sharpen perceptual processes in children and to encourage them to take on responsibility. In this context, education for sustainable development is one of the central tasks of society in order to enable people to think and act critically in a forward-looking manner. However, the challenges of the Anthropocene can only be met in the education sector in the form of transformation processes. Transformation processes that are only possible if schools expand their analog and digital spaces. The starting point and goal is a new understanding of teaching and learning in the digital condition, which helps children to have sustainable educational experiences that are useful for dealing with change.

OEB speaker Micha Pallesche

Micha Pallesche

Principal, Ernst-Reuter-School, Germany

OEB speaker Uta Hauck-Thum

Uta Hauck-Thum

Professor für primary school education and didactics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany