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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



The Education Stoplight: Activate the Full Potential of Students, Parents, and Teachers to Reach Educational Success

We all know that whether students are able to learn does not only depend on what is happening in the classroom. As educators, it is invaluable to understand what is going on in students’ lives and in their homes, yet more often than not this information is not available, keeping educators in the dark about crucial factors that influence learning outcomes. An innovative, technology-driven tool, the Education Stoplight, helps students, parents, and teachers self-evaluate the learning environment across a number of indicators based on the three stoplight colors red, yellow, and green. It helps students, teachers, and parents to self-evaluate the status quo, generate aspirations for improvement, and create concrete plans for solving problems. It enables students to more effectively voice their opinions. This can help us gain a better understanding of the things that work well for our students, and of the things that might be holding them back.


OEB speaker Katharina Hammler

Katharina Hammler

Fundación Paraguaya, Paraguay