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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



SELFIE: A Collective Reflection Tool for Boosting the Digital Capacity of Schools: Scaling up and Integration Challenges

Integration and use of Digital technologies in schools is not a question anymore but it remains a difficult challenge. In this talk, we explore the case of SELFIE, a self-reflection tool which is designed to support schools to develop their digital capacity. SELFIE is available in 32 languages and until now, more than 700.000 students, teachers and school leaders in 58 countries have used it. In our presentation we discuss two complementary approaches. The first involves a methodology about top-down initiatives from policy making institutions, aiming to support integration of SELFIE in Education and Training systems across different European Countries. The second approach explores scale up through a dedicated network of schools. In this second approach we reflect on the role of big data and the diversity of SELFIE community as key elements facilitating the scale up of the tool.


OEB speaker Nikoleta Giannoutsou

Nikoleta Giannoutsou

Joint Research Centre - European Commission, Spain