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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021


Plenary with Pak Tee Ng: Shaping the Future of Learning in Singapore: towards Blended Learning

Disruptions brought about by COVID-19 have thrown many education systems into chaos. The pandemic is undoubtedly a great threat to our lives and wellbeing, but it also presents an opportunity for educational change. I will share my reflection regarding an educational change that is currently underway in Singapore, namely blending learning. I will also share my reflection regarding the critical principles we adhere to as we implement change. In particular, shifting some learning online actually makes good teachers more important than before. Referring to my book “Learning from Singapore: The Power of Paradoxes”, a key lesson from the Singapore story is “timely change, timeless constants”.  Paradoxically, making timely change courageously require us to keep timeless constants to maintain our identity and mission.


OEB speaker Sara de Freitas

Sara de Freitas

Wey Education Plc, UK


OEB speaker Pak Tee Ng

Pak Tee Ng

Singaporean Educator, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore , Singapore