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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021


Plenary with Beverley Oliver: Global Developments in Microcredentials and Associated "Hot Issues"

This keynote will focus on the increasing global attention on micro-credentials, and give a snapshot of global developments as well as associated ‘hot issues’. Chief among these issues are: how we define micro-credentials and badges; whether traditional degrees and providers will be related to micro-credentials; the skills economy and employability for mature learners including displaced workers; and the global conversations required to ensure interoperability: across sectors, industries, borders, lifespans and digital systems. In five years’ time, the micro-credential trend will be seen as a fad that disappointed us, or as a key step towards reimagining lifelong learning, depending on how we handle these issues collaboratively in the short term.


OEB speaker Sue Martin

Sue Martin

Tuv Rheinland, Germany


OEB speaker Beverley Oliver

Beverley Oliver

Principal Consultant at EduBrief, Australia