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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021


Panels and Discussions PAD507

How Do We Design Effective Online Professional Development That Meets The Needs Of Teachers and Other School Staff?

Date Friday, Dec 4  Time   –    Room

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is forcing educators around the world to adapt and innovate their practices. Policy makers face a key challenge in how to effectively prepare and support large numbers of school teachers to implement new teaching and learning approaches as quickly as possible. Teacher educators face a dual challenge: on the one hand they need to offer support to teachers in a quick and efficient way. On other hand, they need to shift their own practice to online or blended scenarios. The panel will discuss key findings from the School Education Gateway Teacher Academy and other European initiatives to support teacher educators and policy makers in the implementation of new and updated teacher professional development programmes organised online or in blended scenarios.


OEB speaker Benjamin Hertz

Benjamin Hertz

Senior Pedagogical Manager, European Schoolnet, Belgium


OEB speaker Hannah Grainger Clemson

Hannah Grainger Clemson

Policy Officer - School Education, European Commission, Belgium

OEB speaker Diana Laurillard

Diana Laurillard

Professor of Learning with Digital Technology, UCL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION, Belgium

OEB speaker Madeleine Murray

Madeleine Murray

National Coordinator Online CPD Design, PDST Technology In Education, Belgium

OEB speaker Daniella Tasic Hansen

Daniella Tasic Hansen

Special Consultant, The National Danish Knowledge Centre of e-learning, Belgium

OEB speaker Anne Gilleran

Anne Gilleran

Senior Advisor, European Schoolnet, Belgium