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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021


Panels and Discussions

Students as DigitalChangeMaker

The students on this panel are all members of the Germany-wide student initiative #DigitalChangeMaker founded by Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. They are active shapers of the digital turn in higher education and actively collaborate to foster learner-centered digital learning and student participation within higher education.  

In this Panel, three members of the DigitalChangeMaker 2019/20 working group will present the student initiative to the participants as a good practice example of student participation and the collaborative development of higher education at eye-level. In this context, the speakers will address activities and outputs generated by the first two cohorts of the DigitalChangeMaker working group. Afterwards, they will focus on why student participation is crucial for shaping the digital transformation in higher education and what student participation can look like both at higher education institutions and nation-wide initiative such as Hochschulforum Digitalisierung.


OEB speaker Yasmin Djabarian

Yasmin Djabarian

Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Germany

OEB speaker Leonie Ackermann

Leonie Ackermann

, Germany

OEB speaker Ines Müller-Vogt

Ines Müller-Vogt

Hochschule Ruhr West, Germany