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Lunchtime Mindfulness

Lunchtime Mindfulness

7Mind was founded in 2014 to bring mindfulness into our modern world. Their goal: to help people pay as much attention to their mental wellbeing as they do to their physical health. Experienced meditation teachers and health-care experts support them in developing high-quality trainings to provide easy access to meditation.
You liked meditating with 7Mind? They have an early Christmas gift for you: one month of relaxation! Free of charge, no hidden subscription - just for you to enjoy. Here is how to get your gift: 
1. Download the 7Mind app from your AppStore or Play Store for free
2. Follow this link to get your ENGLISH meditations and this one to get them in GERMAN
3. Open the app on your phone & login to the profile that you created with redeeming your voucher 
That’s it, you’re ready to meditate and choose from more than 700 meditations, relaxing sounds, sleep stories and more. 7Mind supports you in becoming more relaxed, sleeping better and simply enjoy life more. Happy meditating!