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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021


LT - Workplace Learning and Training

Programmatic Learning: Digitally-driven Programmes to Support Today’s High Value Transformational Projects

The pandemic has increased our talent challenges and accelerated the the need to deliver high value digital transformation projects. With complex requirements come complex skills needs for our employees who are at the heart of any real business transformation; they need learning in the workflow. They need mentorship, support and connection with their peers. They need a programme of learning designed to support spaced practice, application and knowledge retention. Join Alan Hiddleston, Director of Corporate Learning at D2L, to explore how Programmatic Learning allows us to use technology as the fundamental driver of our learning programmes: leveraging AI, digital coaching and roleplay opportunities, and to even facilitate groupwork and collaboration online. Learning programmes may not be a new concept, but when self-paced learning falls short, Programmatic Learning proves a vital tool of any L&D strategy. In this session you will hear about the framework and ideas to introduce modern, digitally-driven programmes into your learning mix to help you solve the complex skills challenges that your organisation is facing.


OEB speaker Alan Hiddleston

Alan Hiddleston