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LT - Workplace Learning and Training

Personalised Learning and Personalisation Options: Let's Get It Clear

Date Wednesday, Dec 2  Time   –   

In this session we'll walk you through a model that encompasses a number of aspects on which learning can be personalised. You’ll get the opportunity to translate translate this info to your own situation.After this session you’ll be better able to discuss aspects of personalisation and to make informed choices when it comes to personalisation.This session will clear the personalization fog in your head and the clearer view will result in fresh ideas around personalisation.


OEB speaker Petra Peeters

Petra Peeters

HAN University, bachelor L&D in organisations, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Marlo Kengen

Marlo Kengen

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen UAS, Learning & Development in Organisations, The Netherlands