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The global, cross-sector conference on
technology supported learning and training

Taking place virtually from Nov 30 – Dec 4

Learning Cafés

Innovating Learning Experience Design for All through Co-Creation and Design Thinking

Date Thursday, Dec 3  Time   –   

In this workshop, we want to give the participants a taste of how co-creating educational tools and learning experiences can be done in a fun and engaging way, building upon the creativity of the team using a number of design thinking activities.
With your conference ticket you can attend and participate in all conference sessions. Please note though, that the number of seats for Learning Cafés and for Knowledge Exchanges are limited to allow for maximum interaction and dialogue.


OEB speaker Emilieq Dewitte

Emilieq Dewitte

Butterfly Works, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Irene Conversano

Irene Conversano

Butterly Works, The Netherlands