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Bridging the Digital-skills Gap through Staff-Student Partnerships

Date Thursday, Nov 28  Time   –   

If you are looking to implement an innovative approach to digital skills training for students and for staff: look no further. The Digital Champions project at NUI Galway provides a case study on building a digital learning community on campus. Hear how the Institution designed and delivered collaborative, innovative and creative approaches to building confidence and ‘cascading’ knowledge and digital skills. Their openly licensed toolkit provides a comprehensive guide to implementing a similar initiative and in this session you will start with the creation of your action plan for staff/student partnerships and workshops to improve digital confidence.


OEB speaker Blaneth Mc Sharry

Blaneth Mc Sharry

CELT, NUI Galway, Ireland

OEB speaker Gráinne Mcgrath

Gráinne Mcgrath

CELT, NUI Galway, Ireland